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William Shakespeare - Jackson Culp
Kit Marlowe - Laura Ulrich
Henslowe - Melinda Jambois
Lambert - Josh Swann
Fennyman - Eileen Kontrovitz
Frees - Asher Livingston
Burbage - Lee Jones
Mistress Quickly - TBA
Maestro - Kirby Rambin 
Tilney - Peyton Ballew
Queen Elizabeth - John Reynolds
Viola de Lesseps - Aubri Skinner
Nurse - TBA
Ralph - John Turner
Nol - Marcie Livingston
Barman - Asher Livingston
Robin - Adam McGee
Adam - Kirby Rambin
John Webster - Aiden Livingston
Wabash - Jeannie Hartzog
Wessex - Tyler Brubaker
Sir Robert de Lesseps - Gabe Livingston
Guard - Josh Swann
Sam - Mark Livingston
Peter - Asher Livingston
Ned Alleyn - Cejay Gautreaux
Molly - Emily Geautreaux

Due to the urgent needs and challenges presented by the corona virus, we at CA Studio will postpone the performances of the show, originally scheduled for late April/early May. We hope that we will be able to perform the show in late May or early June, but there is no certainty of that. However, we are asking Concord Theatricals (holder of the rights to SIL) to continue our license until a good time for performance of this fantastic show arrives. Our marvelous cast/crew is dedicated to making this show happen as soon as we can. We will continue working on costumes/sets/lights/and all the elements that will make this show phenomenal to see once we can all gather in community groups again. Thanks to you, our audience, for your patience while we work, wait and plan.


2020 Season

The Lifespan of a Fact

January 2020

Shakespeare in Love

April/May 2020

The Diaries of Adam & Eve

June 2020

Merry Wives of Windsor

August 2020

Fahrenheit 451

October 2020

Coming Soon...
Shakespeare in Love
319 Trenton St

​The mission of CA Studio is to bring the magic of theatre to life and build the important skills necessary for a well rounded individual. CA Studio is dedicated to keeping literary classics accessible and performing modern cutting edge theatre. CA Studio is committed to inclusiveness in all aspects of theatre while making acting training available and affordable. CA Studio... your home for thoughtful theatre.



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